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Cheap Swiss Rolex Oyster Milgauss Replica Watches

April 9, 2015

Rolex Milauss first appeared in 1950, is designed for engineers and technicians working in the field of environment and set the watch, its name derived from the French word "Mille (one thousand)", that can withstand 1000 gauss (gauss) The magnetic strength. Today, this watch at Baselworld 2014 colorful blossoms again, the new Milgauss not only equipped with 2007's foremost green crystal mirror, but combined with the electro-optical blue surface, showing a charming tone.
Since its launch, Milgauss always hold onto the status of innovative watch. Typically, magnetic force can interfere with the normal operation of the mechanical watch, but this watch but it can withstand 1000 gauss magnetic strength to maintain accurate performance of official recognition. It not only earned the support of the Geneva CERN (CERN) scientists, representing more known as a masterpiece of scientific and technological progress. And it all stems from two innovative protection technology: The first layer is the 1954 Rolex patented anti-magnetic shell, which is anti-magnetic shell made of a ferromagnetic alloy, mounted in the Oyster case,Rolex Replica, the movement can be wrapped together, to provide efficient protection; the second layer is from the 2000s by Rolex began to develop balance and escapement swing components, the two main components are made of paramagnetic materials movement, also has a very good protection effect.

The new Milgauss watch with a diameter 40 mm Oyster case, a unique case in the middle of the original block has a solid strong corrosion resistance of 904L steel crafted, with the classic triangular grooves and has a double bottom Waterproof double lock winding crown on the patent system, to create a good seal, with a depth of 100 meters of water resistance. Original green crystal mirrors cover on top of the dial, to provide good and comprehensive protection. Fascinating lightning blue dial tone is reminiscent of the classic characteristics of paramagnetic technology and lightning-shaped second hand watches.
The Rolex watch is equipped with a fully developed by 3131 self-winding mechanical movements, with all the same core Rolex constant motivation, while this movement by the official Swiss Observatory certification. Its escapement components with paramagnetic escapement wheel made of nickel-phosphorus alloy, Research and Innovation by Rolex micro parts production technology UV-LiGA made; the balance swing components are equipped with blue gossamer Parachrom Nb-Zr alloys, namely can withstand magnetic interference, but also easy to deal with temperature changes, seismic force is 10 times higher than conventional springs, is the production of patented Cheap Rolex Replica.
Finally, Milgauss watch chose comfort and safety of the oyster bracelet with folding buckle, especially Rolex patented installation system is easy to adjust chain link strap can be easily extended to make mm. In each case was wearing comfort comfortable.

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